Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is defined as a form of direct marketing and uses electronic mail to enhance a merchant’s relationship with customers through brand loyalty and incentive programs. The goal of email marketing goal is to promote repeat business or engagement from the merchant’s existing customer base. Email marketing management is an essential online marketing tactic for all e-commerce, lead generation, and informational websites.

  • 44% of email users said email inspired at least one online purchase 44%
  • 41% of email users said it prompted at least one offline purchase 41%

How it works:

  • Building/Designing Creative
  • Managing Lists
  • Sending Emails
  • Tracking Campaigns

Prosperous I.M. offers a variety of email marketing solutions and services to help support your business including the following:

  • Email Marketing Consultation
  • Email Database Integration with your e-commerce platform or website form
  • Email Database Maintenance and Management
  • General Email Marketing Campaign Management
  • Creation and Management of Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Email Template Design
  • Campaign Reporting
  • Landing Page Design and Programming
  • Client Training

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