“Finding someone I could trust to do what he promised in on-line marketing seemed impossible… until I met Eddie. Now all my internet marketing problems have been solved!”

-Malena Morehouse

“We are absolutely ecstatic with the service we receive from Prosperous I.M. Inc! We STRONGLY recommend their services to anyone with a business!”

-Mr. Rooter of Tallahassee

“Have you seen this report?? A year ago it was 50-60 call from the internet. Now it’s over 200 unique! Keep it up!”

-Scott Hobbs

“Prosperous IM has been our marketing partner for years. I would highly recommend Prosperous IM to any business that wants a greater local market share or if they would like to target additional markets.”

-Jeff Powell

“We have continued to see our online presence grow, which has benefited our bottom line immensely.”

-Gary Anderson

“We are absolutely ecstatic with the service we received from Prosperous IM Inc! Eddie Hill, Oren Powell, and the rest of their team are phenomenal at helping us create marketing tools and boosting our reach to customers. We STRONGLY recommend their services to anyone with a business!”

-Holly Tillman, Owner of Mr. Rooter of Tallahassee

“I went with Prosperous IM as a way to replace my failing Yellow Page campaigns. My expectation was to simply replace the lost call volume with internet marketing. To my surprise, Oren and his team have not only replaced the call volume but they are growing it. They are very responsive to my requests and always on top of my campaign. I recommend them to every business owner I speak with. Keep up the great work!”

-Scott Hobbs, President of Mr. Rooter of NW Florida

“If your business needs help getting recognized locally, Prosperous I.M. can help. Their digital marketing strategies and SEO will boost your company’s reputation and bring in new customers and business!”

-John Lin

“I went to Eddies marketing boot camp.  He really knows his stuff. If you want to make a difference in your marketing campaign, he’s the man to see.”

-Jeanna Fox

“Being in the seminar business for nearly 20 years, I have seen my share of presenters. Generally, when it comes to the internet, most presenter’s information is repackaged or out of date. I recently attended a business bootcamp, put on by Eddie Hill and Prosperous Internet Marketing, and I was completely blown away! He gave away a ton of real value, absolutely for free, and asked nothing in return. It was refreshing to see a presenter who is truly others focused and out to make a difference. Eddie is making a tremendous impact in his community and beyond, and I definitely plan to attend future events. I also am planning on giving him my business. Thank you Eddie and team!”

-Dan Vega

“Eddie does an outstanding job with his Online Marketing Boot camp.   Prosperous is an awesome company, doing great things helping local businesses.  Highly recommended.”

-Elden Scott

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